I am currently a research scientist at Tableau Software, where I work in the area of information visualization. I am particularly interested in the ethical, accurate, and responsible communication of data, but I am also interested in graphical perception, text analytics, statistical graphics, and uncertainty visualization.

I was a postdoc at the UW Interactive Data Lab at the University of Washington Department of Computer Science, supervised by Jeff Heer.

I received my PhD. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Sciences in August, 2015. As a PhD. student, I worked with Michael Gleicher in the UW Graphics Group, where I worked in the area of information visualization, especially in issues related to text analytics for the humanities. In addition I was also involved with the Digital Humanities working group.

My current research interests include data ethics, communicating statistics to mass audiences, and investigating biased or misleading data visualizations.

For more details on my interests, here is my research statement, teaching statement, and curriculum vitae.

For less formal writing and reflection, check my Medium blog.